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Artistic practice focuses in particular on the analysis of detail and the importance it acquires in the whole. Attention and observation are fundamental methods that the artist uses to get in touch with her surroundings. The mystery, the paradox, the oneiric and the illusory create in the works estrangement and need for reflection, often questioning the reality we live in. The "skin" is an element that returns in the works creating a relationship with an internal and non-superficial dimension. The expressive languages used are different, the materiality in some works becomes fundamental in the practice of mediation and reflection on meaning. She is particularly attentive to the photographic medium in relation to materials, in a continuous game of integration and absorption of photography in matter and matter in photography. 

Currently Sara Davide is analysing and theorising her sculptural approach through direct casting in relation to photography as impression, trace, detail, and suspension, which she

simultaneously applies to her research and the theme of identity. 

Sara Davide, Milan 1994.

She lives and works in Milan, where she graduated cum laude in Visual Arts, specializing in sculpture, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. She earned a master's degree in photography at the school Cfp Bauer in Milan and then attended the course in New Technologies of Art, specialising in photography, at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.


2024   “Pelle”, curated by Beatrice Puddu, Bar.lina, Roma

2023   “SWIT”, part of Milano Centrale Festival, curated by Stefano Conti and Luca Panaro, Chippendale Studio, Milano

2023   "Dummy Photobook", part of Milano Centrale Festival, curated by Luca Panaro and Marcello Sparaventi, Anfiteatro Martesana, Milano.

2023   “SWIT”, part of GIBCA Extended(Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art) with the support of Embassy of Svezia Roma and VÄSTRA GÖTALAND region, curated by Stefano Conti e Luca Panaro, FG2, Gothenburg. 

2023 "Fluidum" within the project "ROUND TRIP," curated by Stefano Comensoli_Nicolò Colciago (Spazienne, Milan) and Elisabeth Sonneck (super bien! Berlin), Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin.

2022 "B.K.#6" curated by Elisa Medde, editor-in-chief of FOAM Magazine, CAREOF - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

2022 "Alias," curated by Paola Shiamtani and ReA team, Opal, Milan.

2021 "A book explosion", curated by Luca Panaro, Chippendale Studio, Milano.

2021   Tenth edition of Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee, curated by Carlo Sala, Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo.

2021   "ET CETERA - ISOLATION", Fondazione Eleutheria in collaboration with Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Praga, curated by Genny Di Bert, IIC Prague.

2021   "TRACCIATI" AIR - Non Reserved Artist in Residence, curated by Rossana Ciocca and Cecilia Guida, Officine creative Non Riservato, Milan.

2021   "ReA! Art Fair", 2nd edition 2021, section curated by Paola Shiamtani, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

2021   -videogrammi- on PHROOM Platform TV, selection and curatorial engagement by Matteo Cremonesi and Giangiacomo Cirla.

2021   "INSIGHT foto FESTIVAL", dummy exhibition with -hoc videns-, curated by Luca Panaro and Chippendale Studio, Varese.

2021   "Maratona Di Visione" with -videogrammi-, 3° Online Review of Videoart, curated by Alberto Ceresoli.  

2020   "anemoni due" (online), curated by Maria Cristina Antonini, Federica De Rosa, Olga Scotto di Vettimo.

2020   "IPER Esterno Interno", curated by Francesca Greco, Federica Mirabella, Lidia Bianchi, CAREOF - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

2019   "From A to B", Fondazione Stelline, Milan. 

2018   "Where is the Boys and Kifer?", curated by Roberta Pagani, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition, Milan.

2016   GENE VI in "Waiting room", Milano Studi festival #2, Studio Terzo Livello, Milan. 

2015   "Accademia aperta", Accademia di Belle arti di Brera, Milan. 

2014   "InterNature," Isola Comacina, Como. 


Awards and Selections

2021   Winner of "ReA! Art Prize", 2nd edition 2021, Milan.

2021   Selected by the jury and included in the official catalogue of COMBAT Prize 2021 with -autoritratto-.

2020   Finalist second edition of Luna Rosa Prize 2020 "Lei e Lei - Lei è Lei".


2021   Eleutheria Permanent Collection, Prague.


2021   "TRACCIATI" AIR-Artist in Residence, at Officine creative Non Riservato and Cascina Biblioteca, Milan.


2021   "Il fotolibro nel panorama dell’ editoria indipendente". Workshop with Tommaso Parillo - Witty Books, Milan.

2021   "Nuove modalità operative per la fotografia", workshop with Paolo Woods - Riverboom.

2021   "Publishing as Curating - Editoria come Curatela". Workshop with Elisa Medde, editor-in-chief of FOAM Magazine, Milan.


2024  “The Art Chapter 6” – Milano art book fair, Base, Milano.

2023  “CAVE EDITION”, EX, Modena.

2023  "The Phair 4" The photo art fair,  Torino Esposizioni, Torino.

2023  "The Art Chapter 5" - Milano art book fair, Base, Milan.

2022  "The Phair 3" The photo art fair, Torino Esposizioni, Torino.

2021   "The Art Chapter 4" - Milano art book fair, Base, Milan.

2021   "ReA! Art Fair", 2nd edition 2021, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

2021   "The Phair 2" the photo art fair, Torino Esposizioni, Torino.


2023  “Opera magazine”, issue N.o 11, ISNN2974-7163

2022   "Alias" - Catalogo

2021   Francesco Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Arts, tenth edition - Catalogue.

2021   "ReA! Art Fair", 2nd edition 2021 - Catalogue

2021   "Combat Prize" 2021 - Catalogue

2021   -hoc videns- self-produced artist book, limited edition of 22 copies. Realized in collaboration with Chippendale Studio of Luca Panaro, during the project "Dummy Photobook", Milan. 

2020   "Lei e Lei - Lei è Lei", Luna Rosa Prize 2020 - Catalogue

Publications-Web interviews

2024, BE

2023, IT



2018   "J'imagine" in "Where is the Boys and Kiefer?" collaboration in The Boys and Kiefer's performance music project. 

2015/16   Collaboration and co-founder of the art collective.



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