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photographic print on marble slab

20 x 30 cm

/inkorpo'rare/ [learned vc., late Latin incorporare, comp. of in- 'within' and corporate

'to give a body', from corpus, of etym. in-certa] A v. tr. (I incorporate /in'korporo/) 1 To mix two or more elements so as to form a single mass, with characteristics of its own 2 fig. To enter into a body, organism, grouping, and sim., larger SIN. Include. 3 Absorb, assimilate, retain 4 (mil.) Recruit assigned to a role in a corps or department.B v. ref. rec. - To unite so as to form a homogeneous whole, also fig.: substances that have incorporated. C v intr. pron.

- + embody.

incorporarsi looks like veined marble, yet it is nothing but an illusion, because the shot of a detail of a skin fragment is such as to be immediatly  recognizable as marble. The photo is printed on a support of  white marble which integrates it completely, appropriating it.

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